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Dear everyone,

in collaboration with Zmajska brewery, we have released a new beer: SLOOP 😁

SLOOP is named after a type of small sailboat, specifically a boat with two sails (a sports sailboat), which also served as the inspiration for the label ⛵️

Come to King’s and try SLOOP! It’s available in cans, so it can also make a perfect gift for someone 🥰 We also have it on tap, if you prefer 🤩


Light Ale / New England Pale Ale


Alc.vol: 5.5%


Canned 0,5 L - 7 EUR

Draft 0,3 L - 5 EUR

Draft 0,5 L - 7 EUR

Our Brewery


KING'S BREW is the result of many years of passion for beer. Our beer journey began in the late 2000s when we realized, while traveling, that the world of beer is much broader than what can be found in Croatia and that region. The special world within the beer universe was shaped by magical beers from English shires and Belgian monasteries.

Armed with enthusiasm and limited resources, we started brewing our own beer at home. We first opened King's Caffe pubs (2013,2014 and 2022 in Rijeka, 2016 in Malinska and 2023 in Krk), which allowed us to build a loyal audience. In 2017, we offered our beers to these beer enthusiasts, which were brewed for us by our partner brewer (Vizir, Črnomelj).

After investing all available funds and securing additional financing, in the summer of 2018, we launched our own brand-new production in the cellar of a shop 'Brodokomerc' in Kantrida (a neighbourhood in Rijeka). Our learning curve rapidly moved upwards, and by August 2019, we started delivering the first barrels of our original Rijeka beer. We took full responsibility for all King's Caffe beers in kegs and bottles at the dawn of that year.

In 2022, as a small brewery on the edge of the city, we started a new chapter. After a successful period at the brewery near Brodokomerc, we are excited to announce the closing of that location and the opening of a brand-new brewery at Rijeka Train Station. Alongside the brewery, we are also opening a beer tasting room. This newly built space provides us with even more opportunities to create innovative and delicious beers. It is an ideal place for beer lovers to explore new flavors and enjoy perfectly balanced aromas.

We continue our passionate story, now in a new environment, bringing top-quality and unique taste of our beer to the heart of Rijeka.


Our Beer

King's Pilsner (German Pilsner), captivates with its combination of dominant floral and spicy hop aromas, perfectly balanced with subtle fruity notes of red berries. Additionally, it features malt aromas of crackers, bread crust, and sweet dough, creating an irresistible sensation on the palate. In the aftertaste, a pleasant moderate bitterness is felt, while the drinking experience remains crisp, smooth, and refreshing. Moreover, our Pilsner beer boasts a beautiful thick creamy foam that lingers atop the glass, while its white gold color further enhances the aesthetic pleasure.

King's SIPA (Session IPA) offers an explosion of fruity aromas of orange, mango, and white guava, perfectly complemented by discreet hop notes of pine, resin, and stone fruit. Furthermore, you'll be charmed by the sweet aromas of biscuits and sponge cake, which enrich the experience of this beer delight. Despite its delicate body, there is a noticeable bitterness that adds complexity to the taste, while its dry and tender orange hue makes it visually appealing and a desirable choice.

King's Stout (Irish Stout) mesmerizes with its rich aromas of roasted coffee, milk chocolate, and toasted bread, infused with mild earthy hop notes. The taste resembles that of Americano coffee and toast, with subtle hints of dark chocolate contributing to a moderately bitter experience. The exceptionally creamy body of silky texture and dense beige foam makes every sip of this stout an irresistible experience for your palate.

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