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New Croatian Craft Beers on regular drink meni

From June 2020, we can proudly announce that we have the following Croatian crafts in our permanent offer:

Bottled beer - croatian crafts:

  • Bura ( IPA, Golding, Hurricane Ipa)

  • San Servolo ( Lager, Dark, Red)

  • Zmajska pivovara (PALE ALE)

  • Varionica (Pale Ale)

  • Primarius (Zornjak)

  • Pulfer (Brundelweiss)

  • Plavuša Brlog

  • Visibaba John Lemon

  • Medvedgradska pivovara (Gricka vjestica and Crna Kraljica)

  • King's Brew ( Apolinar, Ipa, Lager and Vienna Lager)

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